How to find the correct TouchScreen through LCD Screen

01/16 andrewsyb

When you have an LCD screen, and you need to match with a touch screen, how to find the correct touch screen is a question that you need to consider .Now we introduce how to find the right LCD screen to you.

We should look at the back of the LCD,look for the relevant models in the back of LCD.Usually there are two kinds of labels, onelabel is a bar code , the other label ismodel no.and productmanufacturers. Of course, some LCD have only model no., and no manufacturers. Then we can find the specification of touch screen according to the model Google .Ifyou still can not find the specification you wantby Google .then you can search for here :

http: //

When you find the right specification,then find the location of the export of touch screen , make sure the length of the FPC, the type of touch screen that you need .Then tell us, we will give you the correct model no.of touch screen.

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