■ Quality Guarantee

NJY Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing & producing Industrial LCD Monitor, NJY touch in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, and protect the environmental, each work processes, such as product development, production, shipping to after-sales service are conformed to international quality certification standards ISO-9001. All of our products are under strict quality control and reliable detection; on social and environmental concerns continue to create products and pay more high added value, to be sustainable for customer service.

NJY Technology Co.,Ltd  pay great attention to "electrical and electronic equipment restrictions of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) Directive (2002/95/EC)", which is help promote environmental protection and enactec by the European Union,  RoHS is to prohibit the use of new electrical and electronic products of certain hazardous substances , to protect human health and environmental purposes. There are six hazardous substances in products whiche are prohibited by RoHS Directive from 1 July 2006. 

Product Quality Assurance Period
LCD/LED Controller Board 1 year
LCD/LED Panel 1 year
LED ATUO Lamp 1 year
Infrared Touch Panel 5 years
SAW Touch Panel 3 years
Resistive Touch Panel 1 year
Capacitive Touch Panel 1 year
Mobile Phone Touch Panel 1 year
Industry Touch Panel 1 year
Touch Monitor 1 year
Accessories(Cables;Power Adapter;Inventor;Touch Panel Controller) 1 year
Other  1 year


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