Cnlight LED Auto Headlight Makes Modification of LED Headlight Possible.


Nowadays, modification of LED headlight is becoming legally, more and more people tend to modify and upgrade their auto headlight.

Professional technician also indicates that LED auto light will become a tendency in the near future. Because LED light has lots of advantages like long lifetime, little energy consumption, seismic resistance, quick reaction, strong control force for light source. However, those modified LED auto lights still have some problems, such as bad heat dispersion, low brightness, complicated modification etc.  For these problems, Cnlight develops and launches LED auto light-Leader. No matter on the light brightness and starting speed or on the heat dispersion and the portability, it shows the leading domestic level, which can solve the problems like bad heat dispersion and low brightness.


Super Bright 80%, Healthier Light Source

 According to the specialist, modification of LED headlight shows up because of the requirements for high brightness. To meet this requirement, the way is to simply increase auto wattage at first, then commonly use Xenon lamp, now modify LED lights. The basic requirement for modification of LED headlight is to increase the brightness gradually. The great advantage of the “Leader” LED auto headlight is the improvement of brightness, which can help to drive safely in the night as the same as driving in the daytime. Because of leading chip technology “POWER LED”, it can make sure high current stabilization and reach to the highest brightness.

  Of course, all owners know auto lights will be considered to be unqualified if they are too dim or too bright. The design of Cnlight “Leader” LED headlight meet the requirements for auto light inspection. Super bright light will protect the drivers’ sight and won’t become other drivers’ obstacles.


Quick Starting, Safe Driving

   It is reported that at the very beginning LED auto light applies to brake light,

By taking advantage of LED light’s quick reaction, it can help the rear cars slow down in advance to avoid crashing. From this we can tell that to a large extent starting speed of auto lights determine drivers’ response time for danger.

“Leader” LED auto headlight starts quickly, lights on as long as starting. Comparing with Xenon lamp and halogen light, it processes more quickly response speed, gives more response time to drivers, which can reduce traffic accidents and protect driving safety.


Strongest Intelligent Heat Dispersion

    Modification specialist has pointed out that many modified LED auto light exist the problem of bad heat dispersion. Cnlight also indicates that the effects of LED auto light’s heat dispersion determine the safety and lifetime of auto lights. Because LED element is sensitive to temperature variation, it is easy to lower the power and shorten the lifetime if keep lighting the LED light under the high temperature. “Leader” LED auto light controls the working temperature by its built-in intelligent and effective heat dispersion system. When sense component temperature exceeds target temperature, it will suppress current and control temperature of LED light, which can not only perform the high-level intelligent heat dispersion but reduce the load of LED chip.


Super Decode Easy Install

 Besides, portability of modified auto light is also very important to the owners. Cnlight “Leader” LED auto light with higher compatibility meets the modification requirement of various cars. For most cars, it’s very convenient to install and dissemble auto light on the original one directly without decode.

Good auto headlight can not only improve the overall beauty but make sure the safety when driving in the night, In the future, modification of LED headlight will play an important role in the auto modification market. The requirements for modification of LED headlight will be getting higher and higher. Hopefully, more superior LED auto headlight can be produced by more enterprises to protect driving safety.

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