10.1 inch CLAA101WJ02 1366x768 IPS Screen Panel+HDMI+VGA+2AV LCD Controller Kit

HDMI+VGA+2AV LCD Controller Kit+10.1 inch CLAA101WJ02 1366x768 IPS Screen Panel

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HDMI+VGA+2AV  LCD Controller Kit+10.1 inch CLAA101WJ02 1366x768 IPS Screen Panel

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PCB800099 controller board for CLAA101WJ02 CLAA101WJ02 LCD Panel
 CHUNGHWA CLAA101WJ01 IPS Panel PCB800099 board
General Specification of the  CHUNGHWA CLAA101WJ01 IPS Panel:
Item Specification
Screen Size 10.1 inch(Diagonal)
Display Resolution 1366×768
Aspect Ratio 16:9(W:H)
Active Area 223.341(W)x125.568(H)
Pixel Pitch 0.1635(W)x0.1635(H)mm
Display Mode Normally Black
Signal Category LVDS
Signal Class LVDS (1 ch,8-bit)
Input Voltage for Panel 3.3V
General Specification for PCB800099 LCD controller board
1. Support 1ch VGA input;
2. Support 2ch AV input;
3. Support 1ch HDMI input; and IC supports HDMI 1.1
4. Support 1ch reversing input;
5. Support wide-voltage input, and could work within 5V-24V;
6. Standard backlight: 6 pin connector; could connect inverter externally;
7. Integrated with LED backlight circuit;
8. Standard LVDS output, supports 1ch 6 bit, 1ch 8 bit, 2ch 6 bit, 2ch 8 bit; but only with panel voltage 3.3V;
9. Standard keypad; supports double-color LED indicator.
10. Support remote control


1x PCB800099 board,(with 2AV Cable)

1x keypad,

1x LVDS cable,

a remote control.

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