Decal Vinyl Skin Stickers Decal Protective Cover For Nintendo Switch Lite

Description:1. Designed for Switch Lite , fits perfectly2. Matte surface is comfortable3. Wear resistant, Anti-slip, feel excellent.Package include:1 set of stickersHow to use it:step 1: Wash your han

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1. Designed for Switch Lite , fits perfectly

2. Matte surface is comfortable

3. Wear resistant, Anti-slip, feel excellent.

Package include:

1 set of stickers

How to use it:

step 1: Wash your hands and clean your console.

step 2: Remove the button parts from the skins.(You can use your fingernail or something else instead)

step 3: Paste to your controller button and your console be careful. And then use a hair dryer to slight warming it, And use a hard card to squeeze it . Wait aout 3 hours before you use it, should be better.

You can repeat the operation many times, If the viscosity decreases, use a hair dryer to soften, It can restore

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