2 Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter LCD Screen Panel Monitor PC Repair Tube TFT Light

2-lamp-wide CCFL inverter with cable for LCD Screen panel laptop monitor PC

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2-lamp-wide CCFL inverter for LCD Screen panel laptop monitor PC
Voltage in   DC 12V
Voltage out   1200V-1700V
Power   10W
Suitable   2 lamps CCFL LCD panel
Definition Table
2-lamp-wide inverter interface definition: 5 pin in (from left to right on the picture)
Definition   Description
12V  12V Voltage (VCC)
GND  Ground
ADJ  Luminance Adjustment
NC   No Connection
ENA  Enable
6 pin out cable interface definition:  
Definition  Description
12V   12V Voltage (VCC)
12V  12V Voltage (VCC)
EN   Enable (Switch, ON/OFF)
ADJ   Luminance Adjustment
GND Ground
GND Ground
Package Content: 
a 2-lamp-wide inverter with its cable


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