DVI-I Male to VGA Video Monitor LCD Cable 155cm5.7FT DVI 24+5 VGA 15 Pin


  • Price: $8.99
  • Model: DVI to VGA
  • Stock: 1000 PCS
  • Condition: New

DVI-I Male 24+5 pin to VGA Male 15 pin converter cable155cm/5.09FT/61inches long

Cable details:

Black and red cable
Black DVI-I 24+5 pin male connector at one end
Blue VGA 15 pin male connector at the other end
Cable length (including two heads): approx. 155cm/5.09FT/61inches long
Application: to convert DVI output to VGA output ONLY DVI connected with PC display card and VGA connected with monitor!
Note: The compatibility of this DVI 24+5 cable is much better than the DVI 24+1 one. The property is good and stable.

Package including: ONE cable.

LCD Controller Board & Touch Panel & LED auto lights

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