Resistive Driver for Debian(for x86)


 Debian(for x86) Driver

Installation Note

1. Please extract the driver source code firstly. Unzip “debian.tar.gz” to a temp working folder.

2.Enter terminal mode and change to root account by this command.(su)

3.Rebuild the TouchKit driver.

3.1) Locate the extracted directory. And go to the subdirectory /touchkit/include then type make new

3.2) Change the directory to /touchkit then type make all. The TouchKit driver will be rebuild. (Some packages must be installed and well configured).

3.3) type make install to begin to install at the same directory /touchkit

4.Edit the daemon configuration file “/etc/tpaneld.conf” if there is no device port you want. The configuration should contain some parameters description as below:

MouseMode = DRAWING

DblClickSpeed = 18

DblClickArea = 30

RclickTool = 0

Sound = 0

Port = /dev/ttyS0

Port = /dev/ttyS1

Port = /dev/psaux

Port = /dev/tkpanel0

Port = /dev/tkpanel1


The daemon tpaneld will scan the ports list in the configuration file to check if touchscreen controller exists or not .

/dev/tkpanel0 and /dev/tkpanel1 are used for USB model.

5. Reboot

Debian with Kernel 2.4.x Debian with Kernel 2.6.x

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