4 Wire Resistive Touch Panel List

12/25 andrewsyb
LCD Controller Board & Touch Panel & LED auto lights
How it works
4-Wire resistive touch screen is the preferred solution for low cost applications. It consists of a conductive bottom layer (ITO Glass or Film) and a conductive top layer (ITO Film). The two layers are suspended by many very small spacer dots . When a certain point is touched, the top layer contacts the bottom layer and a voltage charged by the controller is applied to the bottom layer's electrodes. The coordinate X axis of the touch point can be detected by measuring the voltage value thru the top ITO layer and the coordinate Y axis of the touch point can be detected in the same way by changing voltage input to the top layer's electrodes.
Model No. Spec External Dimension View Area Dimension Active Area Dimension
NJY-0220-IN-W4R 2.2" 38.60mmx53.00mm 33.00mmx45.80mm 33.00mmx45.80mm
NJY-0220-IN-W4R-A 2.2" 38.20mmx53.00mm 34.00mmx45.90mm 34.00mmx45.90mm
NJY-0220-IN-W4R-B 2.2" 37.40mmx51.00mm 34.40mmx42.60mm 34.40mmx42.60mm
NJY-0220-IN-W4R-C 2.2" 37.40mmx51.00mm 34.70mmx42.60mm 34.70mmx42.60mm
NJY-0220-IN-W4R-D 2.2" 38.50mmx50.50mm 34.20mmx44.40mm 34.20mmx44.40mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R 2.3" 40.20mmx53.60mm 35.80mmx47.60mm 35.80mmx47.60mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-A 2.3" 40.06mmx53.51mm 35.00mmx46.50mm 35.00mmx46.50mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-B 2.3" 40.20mmx55.00mm 36.20mmx49.00mm 34.35mmx48.26mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-C 2.3" 43.70mmx53.50mm 37.90mmx45.40mm 37.90mmx45.40mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-D 2.3" 40.80mmx54.20mm 36.00mmx47.70mm 35.00mmx46.30mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-E 2.3" 38.10mmx52.50mm 34.00mmx46.80mm 34.00mmx46.80mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-F 2.3" 40.20mmx55.00mm 36.00mmx47.70mm 35.00mmx46.30mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-G 2.3" 38.50mmx58.20mm 33.40mmx50.60mm 31.90mmx49.30mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-H 2.3" 38.20mmx52.10mm 34.60mmx46.30mm 33.20mmx45.40mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-I 2.3" 42.00mmx55.60mm 37.00mmx46.10mm 37.00mmx46.10mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-J 2.3" 40.20mmx53.60mm 35.80mmx47.60mm 35.80mmx47.60mm
Model No. Spec External Dimension View Area Dimension Active Area Dimension
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-K 2.3" 38.20mmx52.10mm 34.60mmx46.30mm 34.60mmx46.30mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-L 2.3" 37.30mmx51.00mm 34.30mmx45.80mm 34.30mmx45.80mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-M 2.3" 38.30mmx51.30mm 34.30mmx46.10mm 33.50mmx41.40mm
NJY-0230-IN-W4R-O 2.3" 39.90mmx54.10mm 36.50mmx47.20mm 35.90mmx45.40mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R 2.4" 45.40mm x61.00mm 36.20mm x53.00mm 34.20mm x51.00mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-A 2.4" 40.70mm x57.40mm 36.40mm x49.40mm 35.80mm x48.60mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-B 2.4" 39.80mm x54.00mm 36.40mm x49.30mm 35.00mm x43.50mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-C 2.4" 43.00mm x54.70mm 37.60mm x46.70mm 37.60mm x46.70mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-D 2.4" 40.10mm x56.90mm 36.10mm x50.90mm 35.10mm x50.20mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-E 2.4" 41.90mm x55.70mm 37.90mm x470.0mm 37.90mm x47.00mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-F 2.4" 39.50mm x58.50mm 36.70mm x48.60mm 36.70mm x48.60mm
NJY-0240-IN-W4R-I 2.4" 40.00mm x55.60mm 35.80mm x50.00mm 35.80mm x50.00mm
NJY-0250-IN-W4R-A 2.5" 44.60mm x59.70mm 38.60mmx51.20mm 38.60mm x51.20mm
NJY-0250-IN-W4R-B 2.5" 44.70mm x59.75mm 41.50mmx53.65mm 39.60mm x51.85mm
NJY-0250-IN-W4R-C 2.5" 44.90mm x60.00mm 40.30mm x52.90mm 37.50mm x51.00mm
NJY-0250-IN-W4R-D 2.5" 43.50mm x60.20mm 39.00mm x51.00mm 39.00mm x51.00mm
NJY-0250-IN-W4R-E 2.5" 39.90mm x54.90mm 37.10mm x50.30mm 37.10mm x50.30mm
NJY-0260-IN-W4R 2.6" 51.40mm x61.00mm 42.20mm x 530mm 41.20mm x52.00mm


Model No. Spec External Dimension View Area Dimension Active Area Dimension
NJY-0270-IN-W4R 2.7" 43.00mmx58.50mm 41.00mmx54.00mm 41.00mmx54.00mm
NJY-0270-IN-W4R-A 2.7" 43.00mmx71.00mm 34.00mmx62.00mm 33.00mmx61.00mm
NJY-0280-IN-W4R 2.8" 55.00mmx77.00mm 45.00mmx57.80mm 45.00mmx57.80mm
NJY-0280-IN-W4R-A 2.8" 54.80mmx69.80mm 45.00mmx57.80mm 45.00mmx57.80mm
NJY-0280-IN-W4R-B 2.8" 53.50mmx56.10mm 49.30mmx50.40mm 49.30mmx50.40mm
NJY-0290-IN-W4R 2.9" 47.00mmx70.00mm 37.00mmx64.00mm 36.00mmx63.00mm
NJY-0290-IN-W4R-A 2.9" 50.00mmx68.00mm 45.00mmx49.00mm 45.00mmx49.00mm
NJY-0300-IN-W4R 3.0" 49.20mmx74.60mm 41.70mmx63.30mm 41.70mmx63.30mm
NJY-0300-IN-W4R-A 3.0" 51.00mmx76.80mm 42.00mmx64.80mm 42.00mmx64.8.00mm
NJY-0300-IN-W4R-B 3.0" 55.00mmx77.00mm 47.00mmx61.00mm 47.00mmx61.00mm
NJY-0300-IN-W4R-C 3.0" 52.20mmx70.00mm 47.20mmx62.00mm 45.20mmx60.00mm
NJY-0350-IN-W4R 3.5 77.00mm * 64.00mm 73.00mm * 56.00mm 72.00mm * 55.00mm
NJY-0380-IN-W4-B 3.8" 67.00mmx90.00mm 57.00mmx78.00mm 57.00mmx78.00mm
NJY-0430-IN-W4R 4.3" 105.00mm x 65.00mm 100.00mm x 58.00mm 99.00mm x 57.00mm
NJY-043-TP4RES 4.3" 103.1mm * 63.00mm 95.6mm * 54.45mm 94.6mm * 53.45mm
NJY-0430-IN-W4R 4.3" 102.00mm * 63.00mm 97.00mm * 57.00mm 96.00mm * 54.00mm
NJY-0480-IN-W4R 4.8" 131.0mmx78.00mm 64.00mmx114.0mm 58.00mmx108.0mm
NJY-0500-TP5RES 5.0 109.00mm * 89.00mm 105.00mm * 80.00 mm 104.00mm * 79.00mm
NJY-0560-IN-W4R 5.6 126.50mm * 100.00mm 115.90mm * 87.67mm 112.90mm * 84.67mm
NJY-0570-IN-W4R-A 5.7" 104.7mmx132.3mm 93.70mmx120.7mm 88.70mmx115.7mm
NJY-0580-IN-W4R 5.8" 103.0mmx135.5mm 92.00mmx122.0mm 89.00mmx119.0mm
NJY-0620-IN-W4R-A 6.2" 92.60mmx154.4mm 80.40mmx140.7mm 77.20mmx137.52mm
NJY-0620-IN-W4R-C 6.2" 150.20mmx90.00mm 80.00mmx140.3mm 77.20mmx137.5mm
NJY-0620-IN-W4R-D 6.2" 154.4mm x  92.60mm 80.40mmx140.7mm 77.20mmx137.52mm
NJY-0620-IN-W4R-E 6.2 150.00mm * 90.00mm 139.50mm * 78.70mm 135.50mm * 74.70mm
NJY-0620-IN-W4R-B 6.2" 155.00mm x 90.00mm 145.00mm x 80.00mm  
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-A 6.5" 89.30mmx155.0mm 80.00mmx142.8mm 80.00mmx142.8mm
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-C 6.5" 100.0mmx150.0mm 92.00mmx141.0mm 88.00mmx137.0mm
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-D 6.5" 89.40mmx155.2mm 81.32mmx145.4mm 79.32mmx143.5mm
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-F 6.5" 89.30mmx155.0mm 80.00mmx142.8mm 80.0mmx142.8mm
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-G 6.5" 89.20mmx155.0mm 79.30mmx143.4mm 79.30mmx143.4mm
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-H 6.5" 143.00mm*117.00mm 135.00mm*103.00mm 132.00mm*99.00mm
NJY-0650-IN-W4R-I 6.5" 146.20mm * 114.50mm 135.70mm * 102.50mm 131.20mm * 98.50mm



Model No.

Spec External Dimension View Area Dimension Active Area Dimension
NJY-0680-IN-W4R-B 6.8" 100.0mmx166.0mm 88.50mmx155.0mm 85.50mmx153.0mm
NJY-0680-IN-W4R-A 6.8“ 165.00mm * 104.00mm 152.40mm * 91.44mm 149.40mm * 88.44mm
NJY-0700-IN-W4R-A 7.0" 105.4mmx168.4mm 93.40mmx157.0mm 91.90mmx154.9mm
NJY-0700-IN-W4R-C 7.0" 100.0mmx164.9mm 90.00mmx157.0mm 88.00mmx155.0mm
NJY-0700-IN-W4R-D 7.0" 100.0mmx165.0mm 88.57mmx156.0mm 86.57mmx154.0mm
NJY-070-TP4RES 7.0" 164.5mm * 99.60mm 155.50mm * 88.50mm 151.50mm * 84.00mm
NJY-070-TP4RES 7.0" 165.00mm x 100.00mm 151.00mm x 84.00mm  
NJY-0700-TP4RES 7.0" 165.00mm * 103.00mm 155.00mm * 95.00mm  
NJY-0700-IN-W4R 7.0" 165.00mm x 104.00mm 153.00mm x 91.00mm  
NJY-0700-IN-W4R-R 7.0" 165.00mm x 104.00mm 152.00mm x 90.00mm  
NJY-0710-IN-W4R 7.1" 100.0mmx164.9mm 87.20mmx154.9mm 87.20mmx154.9mm
NJY-0740-IN-W4R 7.4" 99.00mmx191.0mm 86.60mmx174.0mm 83.00mmx171.1mm
NJY-0800-IN-W4R 8.0" 193.00mm * 117.00mm 183.00mm * 106.00mm 176.00mm * 99.00mm
NJY-0900-IN-W4R 9" 97.00mmx244.0mm 85.00mmx219.0mm 81.00mmx215.0mm
NJY-1040-IN-W4R 10.4" 160.0mmx248.0mm 140.0mmx228.0mm 137.0mmx225.0mm
NJY-1040-IN-W4R-A 10.4" 178.0mmx234.0mm 163.4mmx216.0mm 159.4mmx212.0mm
NJY-1040-IN-W4R-B 10.4" 177.5mmx226.6mm 161.2mmx215.2mm 158.2mmx212.2mm
NJY-1050-IN-W4R 10.5" 180.0mmx236.5mm 164.0mmx216.0mm 160.0mm x 212.0mm
NJY-1210-IN-W4R-A 12.1" 206.0mmx271.0mm 192.0mmx254.0mm 186.0mmx248.0mm
NJY-1210-IN-W4R-B 12.1" 208.0mmx265.0mm 188.0mmx249.0mm 185.0mmx246.0mm
NJY-1210-IN-W4R-C 12.1" 265.00mm * 200.00mm 250.50mm * 188.90mm 243.76mm * 182.32mm
NJY-1430-IN-W4R 14.3" 227.0mmx298.0mm 218.0mmx289.0mm 214.0mmx285.0mm
NJY-1510-IN-W4R-A 15.1" 247.0mmx322.0mm 235.0mmx310.0mm 228.0mmx304.0mm
NJY-1540-IN-W4R 15.4" 357.00mm x 230.00mm 334.5mm x 210.30mm 331.20mm x 207.00mm
NJY-1700-IN-W4R 17" 278.0mmx362.0mm 250.0mmx331.0mm 240.0mmx320.0mm
NJY-1710-IN-W4R 17.1" 295.0mmx336.5mm 275.0mmx314.5mm 267.0mmx334.5mm
NJY-1710-IN-W4R-A 17.1" 288.0mmx355.0mm 275.0mmx341.5mm 266.4mmx333.5mm
NJY-1710-IN-W4R-B 17.1" 294.5mmx366.0mm 259.1mmx339.1mm 240.0mmx324.0mm
NJY-1900-IN-W4R 19" 323.0mmx396.0mm 304.0mmx377.0mm 300.0mmx375.0mm
NJY-2000-IN-W4R 20" 440.0mmx352.0mm 409.0mmx310.0mm 405.0mmx300.0mm
NJY-2200-IN-W4R 22" 493.7mmx320.1mm 477.7mmx300.1mm 473.76mmx296.1mm
NJY-2300-IN-W4R 23" 523.4mmx335.6mm 501.4mmx315.6mm 497.4mmx311.6mm
NJY-2560-IN-W4R 25.6" 640.0mmx255.0mm 614.0mmx232.0mm 610.0mmx228.0mm


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