Industry Touch Screen 12205B

Industry Touch Screen 12205B.

  • Active Area Dimension: 247.00*185.00mm
  • View Area Dimension: 250.00*188.00mm
  • External Dimension: 266.00*202.00mm
  • Model: 12205B
  • Stock: 1000 PCS
  • Condition: New
Industry Touch Screen Instructions

For Coping Machine Touch Panel

Surface Hardness 3H
Optical Clarity 80%↑
Operating Temperature -10C ~60C
Endurance Test strikes Over 1 million
Operating Voltage DC5V
Resistance 200Ω~900Ω
Linearity 1.5%
Faceplate Surface Anti-glare coating Glare coating
Film Thickness 0.175mm, 0.188mm
Glass Thickness 0.7mm, 1.1mm,1.8mm
Storage Temperature 20~150g
Operation Pressure -30 ~80°C
Message Noise 5m sec ~ 15m sec
Operating Current 5mA~25mA
Humidity <95%
Isolation Resistance 20MΩ↑  DC25V
Sealable against Dust ,Water, Oil , Static
Type Resistive Touch Screen
Input Method Pen or Finger
Structure Conductive Film glossy or matte finish anti scratch and anti
-Newton epoxy conductive films of ITO
Conductive Glass ITO Glass, 1.8mm thickness
Key Sheet or Glue 0.1mm thickness
Insulation Distance 4.5mm*4.5mm
Connector: FPC Flexible printed circuit
Test Specification
1 PCS Touch Screen Panel
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