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LCD Controller Board & Touch Panel & LED auto lights

Power Adapter instructions

AC/DC Power Adapter Especially for our LCD controller board 

The power plug which is with 3 pins may not fit the socket in your country, but it is not so important if you have the power plug yourself. You can connect the power body directly to your power plug to make it fits your requirement.

This power adapter is especially used for our LCD controller board (R.RM3251C, R.RM3451, R.RM5251, R.RM5451, R.RT6251 LCD controller 

Power Adapter Pic
UK LCD Controller Board Power AdapterUK Power Cable
UK Plug CableAll-in-one touch screen, touch screen, touch gets, touch screen gets to, touch all-in-one, touch and query machine touch all-in-one
Input Characteristics
1-1. Input voltage 100-240Vac
1-2. Input frequency  50/60Hz
1-3. Input current 1.)If 115Vac in input voltage and full load in output, max input current is 0.65A;
2.)If 230Vac in input voltage and full load in output, max input current is 0.35A;
Output Characteristics 2-1. Output voltage & current
Output voltage Error range Output current
+12Vdc ±5% MIN MAX
0A 4.0A
Environment Characteristics
3-1 Temperature  1.)Working temperature:0℃ to +40℃
2.)Storage temperature:-20℃ to +85℃
3-2. Humidity 1.)Working relative humidity:10% to 90% (noncondensable)
2.)Storage relative humidity:5% to 95% (noncondensable)
3-3. Altitude 1.)Operational altitude:10000 feet
2.)Storage altitude:40000 feet

1PCS power adapter  CE Approval
1PCS UK plug power cord, FREE! Gift from us!



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