Important Technologies of LED Lighting Design


New technology, new materials and new technology of LED lighting applies to the design of high-power LED light source constantly, which establishes a solid foundation for high-power LED lighting design. Since the difference between applications with LED light source is large, its introduced standard of design and testing has a certain lag, resulting in products from different manufacturers have inferior interchangeability in structure, performance and so on. At the same time, LED lighting products itself is the integration of machine, light and electricity, involving in technology from many areas.


LED Lighting Power Supply:

The primary requirement is of high efficiency. High efficiency products, low heat then the stability will be inevitably high. Usually for the power part, there are two schemes: isolation and non-isolation. Isolation with large volume and low efficiency will cause a lot of problems when installed, while the non-isolated products have large market. What we discuss is the non-isolated driver program.


LED Lighting Source:

LED light source with Taiwan Lumenmax patented structure, the chip is placed in pin, heat get through silver pin directly and get the heat from chip, which is different from traditional direct plug products and traditional SMD product in the heat dissipation.

The chip junction temperature is not cumulative, so as to ensure the good use of the light source and its long-life time, low-light failure. Traditional SMD products, although it can connect the positive and negative pole through the chip gold wire, and make the heat generated by the chip get through gold wires to silver pin; thermal and electrical conductivity are conducted by gold wires; long-time accumulation of heat will affect the LED lighting lamp life directly.


LED Lighting Heat Dissipation:

The infrared radiation heat dissipation is introduced and applied to fluorescent tubes. It is an important means to improve lamp life. Concerning heat dissipation, we will separate LED light source lamp beads and power, without disturbing each other, so as to ensure the reasonableness of heat. There are three ways of heat conduction: convection, conduction and radiation. In closed environment, it’s hard to achieve convection and conduction. The key point of fluorescent tubes is to dissipate heat by radiation.

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