What are the principles of decorating home decorative lights?


Selection for home decoration lamp can make living room clear, bedroom quiet, decoration important, so in addition to general lighting, decorative lamps play an indispensable role, lighting can beautify the living room space, optimize warm family life, which determine lamp’s layout form, light type, light style and light distribution etc., through well-designed, our home life become more rich.


First we need to understand different cultural level, hobbies, occupation, social objects, economic strength of each family, their choice for room lighting decoration also have different styles based on the actual situation. But the basic decorative purposes are almost the same; that is economical and practical, elegant, easy to operate, safe and reliable; therefore, when we purchase lamps and make decorative lighting, we need to deal with the following relations.

1.      Relation between General Lighting and Local Lighting.

Usually there is a "main light" in a room, which is chandelier or ceiling light mounted in the center of the room. Also, according to needs, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. are as "Auxiliary lamp", for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The so-called "main light" and "auxiliary lamp" is relatively speaking, under certain conditions, the function will be changed. For example if the room is less than 2.5M high, and space is not large, it should not set up multi-lamp, especially large chandelier, one or two lights beautiful wall sconce can work in the general lighting and decoration. At night studying, working with lamp, desk lamp shade with translucent plastic, the upper part of the diffused light can meet the need of lighting.

2.      Principles of Lighting Arrangement Style

Because of different cultural level, hobby, age, and occupation, lamp arrangement style is also different. Therefore, lighting arrangement should base on the reality and personal preferences, so as to get a certain style and effects of lighting.

1). Lamp arrangement of different occupations: people who engaged in mental work, generally love quiet, like reading, designing drawings, and studying information, they need to set up diversified lighting, table lamps are convenient for work, floor lamps are helpful for reading, bedside lamps are used for reading newspapers and information.

2). Lamp arrangement of different ages: Due to the age difference, they also have different standards for lighting needs:

The elderly have simple life and love quiet, the use of lighting’s color and shape should show elegant style. Main lamp can use chandeliers or ceiling lamps. For the elders’ convenience, it can place a nightlight at the bedside.

  Middle-aged people play a leading role in the family, and important role on the career. The requirement for decorative shape and color should be concise and clear. Lamp arrangement should not only show the personality, but also reflect the style, such as a swing-arm lamp or floor lamp, which is good for study and work.

Young people, lighting should be new, extraordinary and special. Main lights should highlight the personality, creative modeling and bright color. Wall lamp in the shape requires the theme of love; the light source requires a warm, romantic feeling (especially for girls).

Children, lighting should be changeable, to show surprise, increase children's imagination, benefit intellectual development. Lighting’s shape and color should not only show fun, but also conducive to the healthy growth of children. Main lamp requires concise and sprightly, like concise style chandelier or ceiling lamps; lights on the desktop for homework should be bright, animal shape table lamp can be used, but it needs to ensure illumination. Because children are curious and active, lighting must be safe and reliable.

3.      Practical and Decorative Lighting.

Like public buildings, room’s indoor lighting should also be practical and decorative, how to handle the relationship between the two, make a great effect on indoor decoration.

In addition, home decorative lamps have practical and ornamental value, no matter for indoor lamp or the interior decoration, they are very effective.

First, the practicality of decorative lights: ensure the indoor illumination light, health light, eye protection, no abnormal psychological or physiological reaction for light color; firm lighting, safety circuit and flexible switch.

Then, the decoration of decorative lights:

Firstly, ornamental value, beautiful materials, unique shape, novel color;

Secondly, coordination, well-designed lamp arrangement should coordinate with the room decor, match with furnishings; the consistency of lighting modeling materials and furniture-type material, can reflect the owner's conception;

Thirdly, prominent personality, according to people’s need, light color should create certain atmosphere, such as warm, calm, comfortable, quiet, peaceful and so on.

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