What needs to be paid attention when install all kinds of lights?


Concerning home decoration lighting installation, it needs to pay great attention, because it will be used for a long time and can’t be easily damaged, otherwise it will affect family life. Here let’s take a look at how to install home decoration lighting.


1. Before installation, make sure all lighting and accessories is ready, and there is no mechanical damage, deformation, peeling paint and broken lampshades etc.

2. According to the installation place and usages, minimum cross-section of line core that leads to each lamp should comply with the relevant standards and regulations.

3. When installing electric lighting apparatus in masonry structure, we should adopt embedded hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs to fix; wedge is prohibited to be used. If no special requirements, the carrying capacity of the above fixed parts should match the weight of the electrical lighting apparatus.

4. In the dangerous places, when the lamp is less than 2.4 m height from the ground, it needs to use the lighting with a rated voltage of 36 volts or below or take protective measures. Lamps can’t be directly mounted on flammable objects; when temperature parts of lighting’s surface get close to combustible materials, insulated and cooling measures should be taken. Within the substation, over the high voltage, low voltage power distribution equipment and the bus bar, lighting is not allowed to be installed. Outdoor lighting installation, height from the ground should not be less than 3 meters; when mounting on the wall, height from the ground shall not be less than 2.5 meters.


Wiring Requirements for Lighting Screw Caps

1, Wiring should be connected to the center of terminal, the zero line should be connected to the screw terminal.

2, Insulation housing of the lamp cap should not be damaged and electric leakage.

3, Lamp with a switch, the switch handle should not have exposed metal parts.

If ceiling lighting is fitted with incandescent bulb, the lamp bulbs should not get close to lampshades; when the distance between the lamp and the insulation station is less than 5 mm, insulation measures should be taken between the bulb and the insulation station.


Lighting Installation Requirements

1, Take steel tube as the lamp’s boom, inner pipe is not less than 10 mm; pipe wall thickness is not less than 1.5 mm.

2, Light line of hanging chain should not be tensed, light line should be tied with the hanging chain together.

3, Both the cord’s ends of chandelier cord should be taken as protecting buckle, wire ends should be dipped in the tin liquid.

4, Row of lamps are installed in the same room or place, its centerline deviation should not exceed 5 mm.

5, Fluorescent and high-pressure mercury lamp should be used with their accessories, installation location should be accessible for inspection and maintenance.

6, Lamps should be firmly fixed. Screws or bolts for fixing each lamp should not be less than 2; when the diameter of insulating station is 75 mm and below, it can be fixed by a bolt or screw.


Special Lighting Requirements

In public places like emergency lighting and evacuation instructions, etc., should be clearly marked. No special management of public lighting should be installed with automatic energy-saving switch.

Each set of lights should be installed with fuse in the phase line. Introducing wire of street lamps from the overhead lines, waterproof bend should be done at the entrance of lighting.


Installation Requirements for 36 volts and below Lighting Transformers

1, Supply side should have short-circuit protection, the rated current of the fuse should not exceed the rated current of the transformer.

2, Either end or central point of shell, core and low voltage, should be ground or zero.


Requirements for Lighting Fixed on the Mobile Structure

Its wire should be laid inside the mobile. When mobile moves, wire should not be tensed and abrade.

.When chandelier lamp weighs more than 3 kg, it should adopt embedded hooks or bolts; when the cord pendant lamp weighs more than 1 kg, it should be added hanging chain.


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