Sharing your ideas and getting discount coupon

04/06 minco
Dear customer,
Thanks for your support all the time! 
We would be very appreciated if you could do us a little favor; in return, we will offer you discount coupon.
This is a brief introduction of our company.
NJY Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 1997, specializes in manufacturing touch panels and LCD controller boards. We have rich experience on designing, developing and selling these products.
And we can offer OEM/ODM promptly within 15 days, and some kinds of touch panel’s MOQ can be reduced to 50pcs.
At present, our products include Resistive touch panels, Capacitive touch panels, Infared touch panels, SAW touch panels and LCD controller boards, which is sold quite well at both home and abroad. We are the supplier of public company like Hydrix ( Australia), QIWI (Russia), PECO, Intel(America) and Mitsubishi etc.
We would be very grateful if you could share your ideas about us and our products to your friends. 
1) If you recommend our products to your friends and he / she is interested in, we will be so glad to offer you $1.00 discounted coupon for your next order.
2) If you are satisfied with our products and share your experience of ordering from our company, with your friends on your blogs, Facebook or other forums, we would be very grateful and you can get a value of $20 coupon as a gift.
3) If you like our items and shot a video about using our items and then upload it to YouTube Google and other famous website which can attract more than 20000 visitors, we’ll offer you $50.00 discounted coupon as return. 
It would be great if you could share your ideas with your friends, and we will keep developing new products. Of course,  your support will play an important role on it. Again, thanks a lot.
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